July 31, 2006

some learned people say that terrorism is not a policy, but a tactic.So terrorism and violence is a stradegy to achieve an end. This has been employed since man first walked the earth. Some examples, Klu klux klan, the natzi plan to eradicate a race, world war two, suicide bombers, blitzkriegs that killed millions and of course the religeous battles of the past. Now we say that we will not negotiate with terrorists, that they will not win. My question now to any sensible thinking American and to Washington, who is they? Osama, shittes, sunni’s kurds, hezzbolah, hammas al quida or all of the above? Now¬† even the new so-called government of Iraq is criticizing the Israelis for attacking hezzbolah, so now it seems that Iraq has become they, along with Saudi, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan,Palistine, and who else? Just thinking.


May 30, 2006

I agree with Andy Rooney about memorial day. The lives of thousands of our veterans that we now memorialize were not given, those lives were taken, regardless of the reasons, and taken so young. Surely there must be other ways in this world to settle our differences, the hatred and misunderstandings, cannot in my opinion be the will of God, why would he create man just to kill each other? I remember during ww11, we occupied Sasebo, Japan and the people feared us, they stayed in the hills, fully expecting us to kill them on sight. We did'nt of course, we befriended them and gave them help and comfort. We offered them the different approach to getting along. We felt this war ended all of man's problems and we would move on. Of course it did'nt happen, here we are even now some sixty plus years later still killing and hating. Who do we kill the most? Usually the old, the women and children who are caught up in the conflict. We use the same excuse, colateral damage! Our boys and girls not killed come home wounded and maimed for life, and for what? It is time to stand up and say enough, there has to be another way. Of course if we withdraw, then our government admits maybe we were wrong to do this, and I say yes, admit it and move on, bring them home and begin a dialogue with those who we now call terrorists, the people of the middle east call us terrorists, we call them terrorists and it never ends. Just thinking, is there anyone out there who cares?

May 17, 2006

Had a nice long trip to Michigan. The rain made it a little damp, mostly in the southern part, traffic is still the same, hurry up before the light changes.A  Lot of road work, if you kill a road worker it will cost you seventy five hundred dollars, it does'nt specify male or female and you also get to jail for fifteen years. Somehow this looks political. The sign says go sixty miles an hour if no activity, if you see someone active go forty five miles an hour. I believe you can kill someone at the lesser speed, but who knows? Just thinking.

My first blog

March 25, 2006

Welcome to Sven's world. I'll get back to you later when I think of something to write. I did remember, in March if god does not live nothing matters! If god does live, nothing else matters! Other cliche's, time flies, but remember you are the navigator! For men who do things that count, never stop to count them. Not original but worth thinking about. In the words of Mark Twain, When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not. Tennessee Williams said it: God doesn't come when you want him, but he's right on time. Enough already.